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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have been lazily updating my Blog. Sorry. It is probably because I have been VERY lax in my exercising last week and felt a little guilty. But, I am back on track and really feeling it.

But, instead of exercising, last weekend we went on a very long hike! I think it is about 6 miles round trip. We went to the local watering hole to veg out in the sun and go swimming. My friends are also insane so they like to jump off of the rocks. Here is the one they jumped off:

Yeah, you see that little bit of white shorts near the top? That's my crazy friend. Here is the teeny tiny rock I jumped off and was incredibly scared doing it. It was about 2 feet high. No joke.

I also did not realize that the shadows of the rocks in this picture make it looks like there are sharks in the water. Now I am going to be scared to get back in there.

So anyway, both Matt and I are back on track. We had to redo our 7th week on P90 since we were really lazy with it. Trust me, I think we both are feeling much more out of shape now since we took a week off than we did when we started! It really is hard to get back into the groove when you allow yourself to get out of it. Lets hope the does not happen again!