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Monday, February 6, 2012

Working weekend

Matt and I have recently discovered that being outside and doing fun activities is better than sitting on the couch farting around on the Internet. I know, novel concept right?

Our new favorite thing right now is Frisbee Golf. Frolf if you will. Basically, you throw the Frisbee as hard as you can at this basket 300-400 feet away. It sounds not so fun, I know. But it is fun.

See how wonderfully cheese-tastic this is?!

So that is what we did on Saturday, and most weekends for the past few weeks. It's a lot of fun and a good workout. We usually play 2-3 games, so that is basically walking for 3 hours straight. Can't complain at that!

Sunday, we went for a long hike/ rock climbing. Now, I am not that good at hiking. If the hike is at a incline for more than a few minutes I want to die. I need to work on that. But I can climb rocks like a champ. I was jumping over gaps like James Franco in 127 hours. I am badass. Here is my feet dangling from the top of the rocks

Here is the view midway up

And here we are at the top

It was a gorgeous day and there was even still some snow on the mountains! That made for some laughs when my friend slipped on the ice 10 times. So now I want to hike more. Frisbee Golf Saturdays, hiking Sundays sounds like a great plan. Matt and I just have an itch that we really want to get out more, so we are going to make this happen.

Soooo this blog post was a little pointless, but I just really wanted to share my pretty pictures with the interwebs world. You're welcome.