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Friday, July 22, 2011

My first 3 days

Well, for some reason a few days ago, I decided to get off my XL rump and go full force into working out and eating right. Matt looked at me like I was crazy, but to true Matt fashion, he let me do what I wanted and will support me in anything that I want to do. He is really great that he is willing to take this on with me. His dad had a copy of P90X and I decided I wanted it NOW. He went and picked it up and we looked through the manuals and stuff and decided to start the next day.

P90X is intense. Really intense. Work out 6 days a week and follow a strict diet OR within a certain amount of allotted calories. I always struggle (or make excuses) for diets since I am a picky eater. I do not like fish, beef, or turkey, and usually slather butter on my veggies. Brown rice takes unreasonably long to cook for a hungry girl, and white rice tastes so much better. I will be counting my calories, and following what I can, but most likely I will be making my own healthy choices within my calorie allowances. I might be crazy, but I am going for it.

DAY 1: Tuesday
Chest & Back & Ab RIPPER X
This was hard. Push ups, pull ups, fly push ups, some sort of backward pull up. All kinds. My arms and shoulders HURT the next day. But it was a good hurt. Like the kind that I feel it, but I also feel good for doing it. I was pretty good at the pushups, but I can not do any kind of pull up to save my life. Matt helped me by giving me a boost and spotting. But Mr. P90X says you may have to start with a chair holding you up so Matt is my chair. :)
Ab ripper was intense. My abs still hurt. This video is only 20 minutes and Matt and I were pooped. I swear half of these ab exercises looked impossible for me but I just improvised and did the best I could. I guess I did something right since I am really sore.

DAY 2: Wednesday
Plyometrics hell
Plyometrics. I do not know what that means but I am sure it means some sort of torture. Matt and I were huffing and puffing during the warm up. Apparently Plyometrics is some sort of hardcore cardio jumping thing. Lunge, jump, squat, jump, so many jumping jacks, kick your leg over a stool for 3 minutes, jump, jump, jump. After 20 minutes Matt and I were face down on the floor. We couldn't move. We decided not too push ourselves over our limits and stopped the DVD. Coming from 2 very sedentary people, I felt good for even making it that far. We are not going to punish ourselves for not getting through it, we will just have to hope for better next time. My legs hurt the next day so I seems we worked out something, but really it makes you sweat and your heart pump.

DAY 3: Thursday
Arms & Shoulders
I was flying solo today. Matt hurt his arm from all of those pushups from day 1. Since his arm was injured, he was not going to be joining me this night. I  got out my weights and got to work. This one was fun. Not too hard, but I probably need heavier weights next time. I love working out my arms since they are always visible. I felt really good after, but usually the pain does not hit me until the next day around lunch time, so we will see how I feel in a little while.

And to make it worse, his parents were taking us out to dinner that night. Step one is admitting you have a problem right? I have an eating problem. I eat way too much. The greasier the better. Luckily, we went out for Hibachi, which may still be bad, it is not the worst thing on Earth. My trouble is moderation, I just eat and eat until they have to roll me out of there. I tried to remember the workout I just did and eat slowly and savor my food. I did good. I ate my small bowl of fried rice, soup, salad, and some of my chicken and only SOME of my noodles. I can usually eat my whole plate so I was very proud.

Well I am all caught up. This is day 4 of diet & P90X. Tonight will be some sort of chicken with zucchini for dinner. The workout for today is Yoga.  I hope it is relaxing.

This is the beginning

Well here I am. I am ready to do this. I might whine a lot throughout this process but I am determined to do this.

Let me start by saying I have always said I have been "comfortable" with my weight. Never too big, definitly not too small. Well folks, that was a lie. I have never been quite comfortable, but never been in the mood to do anything about it. I am too lazy to work out, to cheap to buy the newest work out product, or too hungry to resist. I have never really sat down and said "okay I am seriously going to do this." I have said, hey look here is a magic pill I can take, look this infomercial says the fat will MELT off! It HAS to work! I have always looked for the easy way out, but today I am proud to say I have realized there is no easy way. It will be hard. Very hard. But I am ready.