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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Diet derailing?

Weekends are hard on me. I used to sit and watch TV and eat my weight in potato chips and now I get really anxious wanting to eat everything in sight. So what did I do? I cooked! I have my friends little brothers birthday party tonight, and I always love to make something fun, unique, and good for every party that I go to. Today I decided to make a "chocolate peanut butter pie." Yes, I know, not diet food, at all, but I am just going to try not to eat it. Or maybe just one little sliver...

Definitely not diet conscious. I used an oreo cookie crust, peanut butter/powdered sugar layer, fat free chocolate pudding layer, and a fat free cool whip layer (cool HHWHIP anyone?) topped with chopped reeses cups. MMMM.

But, to not totally derail all of my progress, I made myself a sweet low calorie treat to hopefully get it out of my system before I eat the whole pie.

Yummy. Fat Free chocolate pudding with low fat cool whip for only 200 calories. Healthy and a great way to satisfy that craving without going overboard. I always like to put it in a nice glass so I feel fancy.

So hopefully tonight will not be the death of my diet, I am determined to keep going. I cannot believe we are HALFWAY through P90X now! It really is amazing. I didn't weight myself before the start of all of this, but I guessed on a weight that I knew I was at one point, and from that estimate, I have lost 11 pounds. Yes, ELEVEN POUNDS. I still am not sure I believe it, but I will take an eleven pound weight loss any day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey now Sunny Anderson

I was so proud of myself for inventing a recipe and now Sunny went and stole it. How rude.

Okay, probably not. I highly doubt Sunny reads my blog (HI SUNNY!!) but it was pretty funny when Matt and I were watching TV and this came on. I was telling everyone who would listen to me about my new creation. Lame, party of me.


MMMM last night H said I made the best dinner ever. I have to agree. And it was really really healthy.

Our favorite place is benihana, but it does not always agree with our wallets or our waistlines, so we hardly ever get it. About a year ago, I tried to recreate their magical yummy mustard sauce since it is so so yummy and actually makes me want to eat chicken instead of just tolerating chicken. Some trials have gone well, some not so well, but last night it was amazing. So we had chicken breast, zucchini, and white onions, with mustard sauce for dinner. It was amazing and tasted just like we were at benihana. I was so proud of myself and H could not stop telling me how good it was. I wish I would have taken a picture of all this gloriousness, but I was too hungry to stop for a second. It looked similar to this, without the beef, but it looked EXACTLY like benihana, we were both so amazed.

Basically, I just cubed the chicken, and cooked it in a pan with a little garlic, sesame seeds, salt and pepper, and a little bit of butter. With the veggies, I did the same. I cooked the chicken for about 15-20 minutes and the veggies about 10-15 minutes. Here is the recipe for the sauce I made.

You basically throw everything except the cream in the blender and blend it well. Then stir in the cream and serve. 

 I think I used a little less dry mustard since that stuff is really pungent, but it came out great.

On another note, weekends are so hard for me to work out! We did about a half hour of yoga since that was all we could take on Saturday. How sad is it that we are so out of shape we cannot do yoga? Pretty sad. That stuff is so hard. But we were only able to do like 10 minutes of it before, so we are happy. Also Sunday was such a lazy day, I could only drag myself off of the couch for 15 minutes of the workout. How lazy of me! But, I kept in my calories so I guess that helps.