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Friday, September 23, 2011

30 day shread?

Am I the only one who almost dies during this workout?

We are on our week 7 "recovery week" from P90X which includes yoga and stretch and general laziness from both Matt and I. So since I figured we were not going to be working out much this week, I have been wanting to try 30DS with Jillian Michaels. It is hard! And what is great about it is its only about 20 minutes! I burn about 225 calories with the 20 minute workout, and with P90X we usually burn upwards of 400 at least, but then again, the workout is a whole hour long. Working out for an hour takes a lot of dedication, and especially on a weeknight when I still have to make dinner. But we keep trying to continue on, we are already done with two out of three months, so there is definitely no sense giving up now.

Now for the bad news. Remember how my last post I said we had been getting lazy with our workouts? Well, I paid for it. I gained 3 pounds back that I cannot seem to shed. I have been keeping within my calorie goals, and working out, but I guess it is just a road block I have to get through.

We are going to Stateline this weekend so Matt can go to a concert and I can gamble. I know we are going to have a lot of fun, but I am pretty worried about our eating choices when we are away for the weekend. I know that I will not be making prime choices, but I just hope I do not over indulge.

And before I go, I just have to praise myfitnesspal again. I absolutely LOVE that I can put all of our "regular" meals into the recipe builder and it will tell you exactly how much calories one serving is. No more guessing how much is in your portion, I just have to split up the portions when I serve it and that's it. I love it.